Share jokes wit ur friendzies share news bout toys like shopkins and share bout books and plz enjoy dis club for fun!

Welcome to the 😄funclub😄 WikiEdit

Hey! Welcome to funclub😄! Hope u hab FUN in the funclub!!!! U can basically do any ting u want here. U can chat share news about SHOPKINS and bout ur fav books likes luv ha bunches! Once again hab FUN😜!!!

Rules to hab fun!Edit

u can rely do NE thing u want here. But to rely cook in the fun,here r the rules of da club:

- NO BULLYING!!!!!!😓

-no making fun of people(if dey r laughing along its fine but if not then u should stop rite awy)😢😉😏😄

-let evry one feel welcome😊

-most importantly, HAB FUN!!!!!!!😛😝😜😄😃😀�


Latest Activity Edit

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